Badger Runs


I did it, I did it twice in fact, but so far this year I have managed to run every day.

I had made an out loud declaration that I would hit my step target every day this year, well this month of January at least and see how I go from there (so far so good).

But, one of my not resolutions for 2023 was to get match fit to start attending the local park runs here in Truro. I know the route well, I used to walk the dog along it before Hurricane Fiona made a pigs ear of Victoria Park and it’s a lovely trail, it’s a nice 5k walk and should be a nice 5k run.

But I’m a terrible coward, I need to know I can do something privately before I attempt it publicly and despite what Brene Brown says, I still manage to feel shame about many things.

But this week, I not only ran a treadmill 5k, I cut 7 minutes off the time I ran my last treadmill 5k, 10 days ago.

Am I match fit for Park run? I very much doubt it, but I’m very much on the road to running with the best (well mediocre) of them come Spring.

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