Badger Writes

A new approach and a new blog

Years ago, before the billionaires became billionaires from buying out everything and subsuming every way we communicated, I blogged. It never mattered if I was read, it was mainly a way for me to share my thoughts on a page, more of a personal journal than anything else.

I got involved with different green living/ downshifting fora, and got to know some great people, then Facebook arrived and ate up everything, exchanging thoughts and ideas and experiences became more about fulfilling a childish desire to show off and that showing off was rewarded and I indulged in that for quite a few years.  

Now all of that (Facebook, Twitter etc) is crumbling, and what was social media is being exposed as really just manipulation and sales, and people are leaving. I left and joined Mastodon, I discovered the Fediverse and it was a reminder of how much joy I had in the early internet, actual discovery of new things, BlogRolls and links and nothing curated by algorithms.  

So here I am again, 16 years later, older, in a different country and trying with this blog to recapture something of how I felt all those years ago on that exciting new internet.

So this is just really for me, a journal, photos of things I made or enjoyed or saw, ideas I had, shower thoughts and memes that made me chuckle.

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