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Knitting and me

I’m a knitter. 
A man who knits, not that that is a strange thing anymore, well not among the knitting community. Occasionally a journalist will find out about a bright young thing (like Tom Daley) who is also a talented knitter and suddenly gasps all around there are men who *gasp* knit! 

Anyway, I love to knit, it is my mindfulness practice. I used to think that I was a project knitter, but I think I’m actually a process knitter, the actual production of the fabric is so much more important to me than the outcome, even if the outcome is nice to wear.

So I’ll be using this new blog to talk about my knitting projects and processes with lot of nice photos that I take to post on Mastodon for the attention it gives.  

Currently on the needles:

St Brigid by Alice Starmore

I recently completed the back, this is it drying after blocking.
There will be a St Brigid page when I get around to it with more photos

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